Open source relational database management system for web development environments

Sometimes you get requests or budgets of customers who tell you: I want a proper development of a web in PHP with MYSQL, CSS3 and … Then you ask the customer, perfect smoothly and Why PHP and not in Java or Ruby on Rails, for example …? Hence the customer says you do not know, because it is the most used and I want the last thing to my web. As a professional you have to explain to your customers that what matters is not what you want but what you really need. For any business it’ll say it perfect you do this and everything you ask me and I get paid X. In iSocialWeb, we like to clarify what’s what and what each customer needs and that it is the customer one once understands what’s what to decide how you want to spend your money and above all, how it will get more return to it. At this point we enter a basic concept as are the databases, then: What is MYSQL and what is it? As defined by wikipedia is mysql database management system relational, multithreading and multi-user database with more than six million installations. Okay, but this Christian what it means. If the concept is well understood will one example. When you have, for example, a web page, what you have is a code to open the URL of your website your browser reads and converts it into understandable visual for us. This code will help in the case of web pages CSS styles to give you a visual part of the PHP programming (in this example) to generate actions and process content that has to be stored in a way. This is where databases come, in the case of webs one of the most used managers is MYSQL, a system that allows us through a series of sentences, have information stored in a database retrieval at the time in which the need for efficient and fast. What differentiates a web-based data from a flat web? When you make a web database without all web data have to be already reflected in printing it. You can not make requests that generate different results, so a dynamic web would hardly be buildable in such an environment. Today databases are practically necessary in any development. What judgments have MYSQL? Basic statements MYSQL Like any language to be processed actions have to have some calls to return some results. In MYSQL there are some basic decisions you should know to work with this database manager: Connect the console to a MySQL database: mysql -u user -p Show all databases: SHOW DATABASES; Using a database: With this we mean to select the database with which you will do the actions before performing an action on a database you have to select it: USE db_name; Show tables database: Each database is structured tables that group information in an orderly manner. It would do a simile as a block of houses is organized in plants. SHOW TABLES; Show all fields in a table: Just as each floor has rooms of homes, tables are database fields. SELECT * FROM table_name; Here we could do different filtered search as ranking in a certain way, by a field, alphabetical order … we could also look for a field … the options are many. Create a database: CREATE DATABASE db_name; Create a database: DROP DATABASE db_name; Rename Database: RENAME TABLE nombre_bd1 to nombre_bd2;