Google Cloud Platform | Services in the Cloud of Google

Google Cloud Platform is the platform on which all the web development applications that Google puts at the disposal of our projects have been gathered, providing the entire structure of both hardware and software that we need.

Why you should choose Google Cloud Platform?

google cloud platform - infraestructura diseñada para el futuro

Infrastructure designed for future

Safe, global, high performance, profitable and in constant evolution. Our cloud is designed to work in the long term.

google cloud platform - datos y analisis eficaces

Data and analysis more than eficient

Enter the world of Big Data to find answers faster and create better products.

google cloud platform - sin servidor solo codigo

No server, just code

Go from prototype to production and from there on a global scale without worrying about capacity, reliability or performance.

Products & Services

google cloud platform - recursos informaticos

Computing resources

Compute Engine: Deploy virtual machines in Google’s infrastructure.

App Engine: Platform as a service (PaaS) for applications and backends.

Container Engine: Deploy containers in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Functions: Serverless environment to create and connect services in the cloud.

google cloud platform - almacenamiento y bases de datos

Storage & DataBases

Cloud Storage: Storing objects with a global edgs-cache.

Cloud SQL: Database Services MySQL and PostgreSQL fully managed.

Cloud Bigtable: NoSQL Database Service fully managed.

Cloud Spanner: Relational database service for essential applications.

Cloud Datastore: NoSQL databases for non-relational data.

Disco Persistente: Block storage of virtual machine instances.

google cloud platform - redes


Virtual Private Cloud: VPC networks for Google Cloud Platform resources.

Cloud Load Balancing: High performance scalable load balancing.

Cloud CDN: Distribution of content in Google’s global network.

Cloud Interconnect: Direct connection to the Google Cloud Platform network perimeter.

Cloud DNS: Reliable, elastic and low latency DNS.

google cloud platform - big data

Big Data

Big Query: Fully managed large-scale data warehouse.

Cloud DataFlow: Batch or streaming data processing.

Cloud Dataproc: Spark and Hadoop services administered.

Cloud Datalab: Explore, analyze and visualize large datasets.

Cloud Dataprep: Explore, clean and prepare data to analyze them.

Cloud Pub/Sub: Asynchronous messaging service from many to many.

Genomics: Avanza en tus investigaciones con Google Genomics.

Google Data Studio: Cuenta grandes historias con tus datos para tomar mejores decisiones empresariales.

google cloud platform - internet de las cosas iot

Internet of Things IOT

Cloud IoT Core: Secure device connection and management.

google cloud platform - aprendizaje automatico

Automated Learning

Cloud Machine Learning Engine: Machine learning without data or size restrictions.

API Jobs Cloud: Power your site’s capabilities of job offers with machine learning.

API Natural Language de Cloud: Sentiment analysis through unstructured text.

API Speech de Cloud: Conversion of voice into text with machine learning technology.

API Translation de Cloud: Translate dynamically between most language pairs.

API Vision de Cloud: Get valuable information from images thanks to machine learning.

API Video Intelligence de Cloud: Extrae metadatos de videos.

google cloud platform - herramientas de administracion

Identity & Security

Cloud IAM: Detailed management of identities and access.

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy: Use the identity to protect access.

API Data Loss Prevention de Cloud: Discover and write confidential data.

Security Key Enforcement: Use security keys to prevent identity theft (phishing).

Cloud Key Management Service: Manage encryption keys in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Resource Manager: Manage resources hierarchically in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Security Scanner: Analiza automáticamente tus aplicaciones de App Engine.

Información General sobre la seguridad de Cloud Platform: Información de seguridad de Google.

google cloud platform - herramientas para desarrolladores

Administration Tools

General Info about Stackdriver: Powerful management tools for GCP and AWS.

Monitoring: Supervision of applications in Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Logging: Application registration in Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Error Reporting: Identify and understand application errors.

Trace: Detects performance problems in production environments.

Debugger: Inspect the behavior of the code in production.

Cloud Deployment Manager: Manage resources in the cloud with simple templates.

Cloud Endpoints: Develop, deploy and manage APIs in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Console: Google Cloud Platform integrated management console.

Cloud Shell: Administration of command lines from any browser.

Cloud Mobile App: Manage Google Cloud Platform services from your mobile device.

API Billing de Cloud: Manage Google Cloud Platform billing programmatically.

APIs de Cloud: Programming interfaces for all Google Cloud Platform services.

google cloud platform - identidad y seguridad

Developer Tools

SDK de Google Cloud: CLI Products and Services for Google Cloud Platform.

Container Registry: Private and fast image storage.

Container Builder: Rapid, consistent and reliable image creation.

Cloud Source Repositories: Private Git repositories hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Tools for Android Studio: Create backend services for Android applications in GCP.

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ: Debug applications in a production cloud from IntelliJ.

Cloud Tools for Powershell: Total control of the cloud from Windows Powershell.

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio: Deploy Visual Studio applications in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Tools for Eclipse: Deploy Eclipse projects in Google Cloud Platform.

Complemento Gradle para App Engine: Use Gradle in your App Engine projects.

Complemento Maven para App Engine: Use Maven in your App Engine projects.

Cloud Test Lab: Test applications whenever you want in in cloud service.

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