Google Suite | GMail - google email address

Secure, private and ad-free email service for your business
With Gmail you can receive notifications by email in real time to keep up with everything and save important information and messages in a safe place. IT managers can centrally manage accounts and devices in your organization.

Enjoy personalized email with the format @yourcompany.com
Give your customers confidence by assigning all employees a professional email address with the name of your domain, such as susana@yourcompany.com or jose@yourcompany.com. You can also create group distribution lists, such as sales @yourcompany.com.

Work without interruptions
Access your email whenever you want, wherever you are and with any device, even if you do not have an Internet connection. You can read and write draft messages, which will be sent when you have a connection again.

With chat and video features, conversations are not limited to email
When you need more than just a simple email, you can start a Hangouts Meet video call or chat with a coworker directly from your inbox.


Google Suite | Calendar - all your appointments in all your devices

Online calendars integrated and designed for team work
Spend less time planning and more work with calendars, which can be shared and integrated perfectly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts, so you can always know what the next event is.

Smart scheduling of meetings
Schedule events quickly by checking the availability of your coworkers or superimposing their calendars in a single view. You can share calendars so that the full details of the event can be seen or simply so that others know if you are free.

Access from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone
Examine and edit your programming from your mobile phone or tablet. Use our optimized mobile applications or synchronize with the integrated calendar on your mobile phone.


Google Suite | Google+ - google social network

Interact with your coworkers in a secure corporate social network
Create an online community where your employees can safely share team notifications, new ideas and common interests in real time.

Share knowledge and ideas in your team’s forum
With posts, comments, and Google+ communities, you can stay up-to-date and easily share ideas with your team.

Connect with your team members, from wherever they are
Thanks to the powerful applications for Android and iOS, even employees who work remotely or mobile can be aware of the latest news and conversations that have taken place in the company.

HangOuts Meet

Google Suite | HangOuts - messages and voice from google

Video conferences for your company
Communicate with your team members from anywhere. Easily access video calls where you can talk face to face with them without having to move.

Enjoy meetings without interruptions
With Meet, you save the headaches that are often caused by working video calls. Simply schedule a meeting and share a link. You will not have to worry about whether the teammates or customers have the right account or add-ons. Thanks to a fast and simple interface, and to an intelligent management of the participants, having a video call with several people at the same time is a piece of cake.

Designed for all types of companies
As Meet is fully integrated into G Suite, you can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or from an invitation received via email. All the details of important events are available to you when you need them, whether you connect from a computer, a telephone or a meeting room.

Join a meeting wherever you are
With the Meet apps for iOS and Android, you can see the meetings you have that same day with all the relevant information from Calendar and join them with just a touch. The G Suite Enterprise edition also includes a phone number for each meeting, so that each guest will enjoy a great experience wherever they are even if they do not have Wi-Fi or data connection.


Google Suite | Docs - the office word processor from google

Text processing for equipment
Create and edit text documents directly in your browser without the need for specific software. Several people can work in one file at the same time: all changes are saved automatically.

Comments, chat and real-time editing
Work on the same document with your teammates or with people outside your company. Instantly view the changes that others introduce, communicate with them through the integrated chat and add comments with your questions.

Works with the most common file types
Import your documents so they can be edited instantly, including Microsoft Word and PDF files. Export your work to .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html format.

Unlimited revision history
Track changes made to your documents and undo the changes you want. Previous versions are saved indefinitely and are not taken into account in your storage quota.


Google Suite | SpreadSheet - the excel from google

Collaborate on data analysis with smart spreadsheets
Work directly with your team members on the same spreadsheet at the same time. Carry out calculations with simple or very complex formulas. All changes are automatically saved as you type.

Analyze data easily with the help of powerful features
Visualize your data with graphics, create dynamic tables and add data filters. Click on the Explore button to automatically show trends and patterns from the data in a spreadsheet.

Work with Excel and other file formats
Import spreadsheets from other formats, such as Excel, so that all contributors working in Google Sheets can access and edit them instantly. Export spreadsheets created with the Google application to the file type you prefer; for example, .xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods or .txt.

Access your spreadsheets whenever you want, wherever you are
Create, edit and share spreadsheets from any device, wherever you are. Work on Sheets even if you do not have a connection.


Google Suite | Forms - forms from google

Surveys and forms easy to create for everyone
Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no additional charge. Collect all the information in a spreadsheet and analyze the data directly in Google Sheets.

Create a form with the same ease with which you create a document
Selecting between different types of questions, drag and drop the questions to change the order and customize the values is as easy as pasting a list.

Send professional-looking surveys to your customers
Attractive surveys help you connect with customers to obtain valuable information. Add images, videos and custom logic to offer respondents an incredible experience.

Analyze answers by automatic summaries
You can see how the answers appear in real time. You can also access raw data and analyze it with Google Sheets or other software.


Google Suite | Slides - power point from google

Attractive presentations created in a team
Create and edit elegant presentations in your browser without the need for specific software. Several people can work at the same time; In this way, everyone always has the most recent version.

Comments, chat and real-time editing
Work on the same online presentation with your business partner, with all your equipment or with external contacts. You control who has permission to edit, view or add comments.

Easy to design presentations
Design them from scratch or streamline the process by choosing a template. You can improve your presentations with videos, images, drawings and smooth transitions.


Take notes of important ideas and streamline your work.
Keep your notes organized. Make lists of pending tasks and take note of your ideas when inspiration comes to you. Collaborate on notes with your classmates and add reminders so you do not miss anything. All content is synchronized on your devices so you always have important information at hand.

Boosts collaboration
With Keep, it will be very easy to collaborate with your colleagues on notes, lists, photos, audio files and drawings. Take notes quickly when you share ideas. You can have them handy when you work and see how tasks are unchecked in real time as they are completed.

Update the notes at any time, wherever you are.
Create, edit and access the notes from wherever you are (either from your computer, phone or tablet), even if you do not have an Internet connection. The changes you make will be automatically saved and updated on all devices.


Google Suite | Drive - your hard disk in the cloud

Store, share and access your files in a safe place
Store all the files you want. Then you can access them at any time, from your computer or from a mobile device. You can also control how files are shared.

Get all the storage space you need
With the Business, Enterprise and G Suite editions you have unlimited storage, so you always have space for all your files. Thanks to centralized administration, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and the Drive Vault service, you can easily manage user accounts and file sharing to meet the requirements related to the data.

Find even what you did not even know you needed
Thanks to automatic learning with Google technology, Drive can predict what content you need to access, anticipating your needs. The Fast Drive feature uses natural language search signals and optical character recognition to identify relevant content and streamline your searches.

Organize your team’s files in a shared space
Use team units to store your team’s work in secure, easy-to-manage shared spaces. The files that are added to the team units belong to the whole team, so its members have always up-to-date information.

Access files from your computer, without browser
With File Stream from Drive you have access to the files directly from your computer, without the risk of saturating the hard drive space. You will spend less time waiting for the files to be synchronized and you will increase your productivity.


Google Suite | Admin - control ypur google products

Manage G Suite in your organization
Add users, manage devices and configure security and other settings so your data is always safe. For administration, you should not need a manual.

Security and control
Centralized administration allows quick and easy configuration and management. You can add and remove users, configure groups, and add security options, such as two-step verification and single sign-on.

Management of mobile devices
Distribute applications to employees and keep company information protected on their iOS and Android devices. It uses device management to distribute applications so that they are available instantly for employees, check their use, manage security settings, and lock devices or remotely delete their data.

Total reliability and uninterrupted assistance
You can access Google support by phone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Between our support team and our data center networks worldwide, your company will be completely covered.


Google Suite | Vault - keep your data safe

Archiving and electronic discovery of email, files and chats
Manage, preserve, search and export the email, the content of Google Drive files and the chats of your organization that have the registration enabled. Vault is a component of the G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise editions with which you can archive your corporate data for G Suite products, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Team Units, Google Groups, and Hangouts Meet.

Protects business data with e-mail archiving and retention functions for legal reasons
Define data retention policies in a secure way so that they apply to all the apt content of a domain or to the specific organizational units, with specific periods and query terms. Vault allows you to keep and keep track of recorded data for use in legal audits.

Find content quickly using the Google technology search feature
Locate and retrieve valuable information, including suspended accounts. You can easily obtain the information that your legal team needs and prevent the loss of data when an employee leaves the company. You can also export old versions of Google Drive files.

Mobile Devices Management