1. autohide

Values: 2 (default), 1 and 0. This parameter indicates whether controls are automatically hidden video when playback begins. In the default behavior autohide = 2), the progress bar disappears and the player controls (Play button, volume control, etc.) remain visibles.Si the parameter is set to 1, the progress bar and controls player hides some seconds after the video starts playing. To display again, the user must move the mouse cursor over the video player or press a key on the keyboard. If the parameter is set to 0, the video progress bar and video player controls are visible for all playback and full screen.


2. autoplay

Values: 0 or 1. The default value is 0. Defines if the initial video when the player loads automatically or not play.


3. cc_load_policy

Values: 1. The default value is based on user preferences. If set to 1, closed captioning is displayed by default, even if the user has disabled the subtitles.



4. color

This parameter specifies the color used on the player progress bar to highlight the amount of video and seen by the user. Valid values for this parameter are red and white. By default, the video progress bar uses red color. Check the blog YouTube API for more information about the color choices. Note: Setting the color parameter disables white modestbranding option.


5. controls

Values: 0, 1 or 2. The default is 1. This parameter indicates whether or not to show the video player controls. IFrame additions for loading a Flash player, also define when the controls on the player are displayed and loaded when the latter: controls = 0: Player controls are not displayed on the player. For IFrame embeds the Flash player load immediately. controls = 1: The player controls are displayed on the player. For IFrame embeds, the controls are displayed immediately and the Flash player loads in the same way. controls = 2: The player controls are displayed on the player. For IFrame embeds, the controls and Flash player is charged after the user starts playing the video shown. Note: It is expected that the values of the parameter 1 and 2 provide an identical user experience, but controls = 2 provides a performance improvement over controls = 1 for additions IFrame. Currently, the two values still produce some visual differences in the player, as the size of the source video title. However, when the difference between the two values is completely obvious to the user, the default parameter value can change from 1 to 2.


6. disablekb

Values: 0 or 1. The default value is 0. Set the value to 1 disables the keyboard controls the player. The keyboard controls are as follows: Spacebar: play / pause. Left arrow: back 10% in the current video. Right arrow: move 10% in the current video. Up arrow: allows increase the volume. Down arrow: lets down the volume.


7. enablejsapi

Values: 0 or 1. The default value is 0. Setting this parameter to 1 enables the JavaScript API. For more information on the JavaScript API and how to use it, see the documentation for the JavaScript API.


8. end

Values: a positive integer. This parameter specifies the time, measured in seconds from the start of the video, in which the player must stop playing the video. Note that the time is measured from the beginning of the video and not considering the start parameter of the player or the startSeconds parameter, used in the API functions YouTube player to load a video or queue it.


9. fs

Values: 0 or 1. The default is 1, which makes the full screen button appears. Setting this parameter to 0 prevents the full screen button is displayed.


10. hl

Sets the language of the player interface. The parameter value is a language code ISO 639-1 two letter, but also other codes can properly handle input language, such as IETF language tags (BCP 47). The interface language is used for tooltips on the player and also affects the default subtitle track. Keep in mind that YouTube could select a different language subtitle track for a particular user based on their individual preferences and availability of language subtitle tracks.

11. iv_load_policy

Values: 1 or 3. The default value is 1. A value of 1 enables video annotations are displayed by default, while the value 3 allows video annotations are not displayed by default.


12. list

The parameter list next to listType parameter identifies the content to be loaded into the player. If the value of parameter is listType search, list the value of the parameter specifies the search query. If the value of parameter is user_uploads listType, the value of the parameter list identifies the YouTube channel whose uploaded videos will be uploaded. If the value of parameter is listType playlist, list the value of the parameter specifies an ID of the YouTube playlist. In the parameter value, you need to prefix the ID of the playlist with the letters PL as shown in the following example. http://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLC77007E23FF423C6 Note: If you specify the values for the list and listType parameters, it is not necessary that the IFrame URL incorporated specify a video ID.