Google Search | Tips for Google Search Engine

Google is a company’s main subsidiary of the US multinational Alphabet Inc., specializing in Internet-related products, software, electronic devices and other technologies. The main product of Google is the search engine Internet content the same name but also offers other products and services such as email called Gmail, its mapping services Google Maps and Google Earth, the web video site YouTube and other utilities web as Google Books or Google News, Google Chrome and Google+ social network. On the other hand, leads the development of Linux-based operating system, Android, oriented smartphones, tablets, televisions and cars and augmented reality glasses, the Google Glass.

With over one million servers and data centers present throughout the world, Google is able to process more than 1000 million requests daily search and your search engine is the most visited website worldwide as shown in the ranking international web.

          1. TV Programs | Movies | Videos
          2. Books
          3. Music
          4. Software & Games
          5. Images
          6. Otros archivos

1. TV Programs | Movies | Videos

YOURSEACH +(mkv|mp4|avi|mov|mpg|wmv) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

2. Books

YOURSEARCH +(MOBI|CBZ|CBR|CBC|CHM|EPUB|FB2|LIT|LRF|ODT|PDF|PRC|PDB|PML|RB|RTF|TCR|DOC|DOCX) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

3. Music

YOURSEARCH +(mp3|wav|ac3|ogg|flac|wma|m4a) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

4. Software & Games

YOURSEARCH +(exe|iso|tar|rar|zip|apk) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

5. Images

YOURSEARCH +(jpg|png|bmp|gif|tif|tiff|psd) -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

6. Other kind of files

YOURSEARCH -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:index.of “last modified” -inurl:(listen77|mp3raid|mp3toss|mp3drug|index_of|wallywashis)

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