What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio brings us all the power of Google Analytics to represent any data we have in virtually any type of source in an impressive interface.

This powerful tool allows us to structure the objectives of our projects using one or several data sources in the same table, being able to add filters and simple variables, add colored tables and organize everything in a very visual way.

This product is ahead of the needs that will generate us to be able to understand Big Data.

If you generate such a large amount of data that you can not analyze or include all the data generating partial analyzes, linking your databases to Google DataStudio can give you that graph that supports a correct decision.

Google Data Studio Examples

You will not regret the small investment it would take to create as many sheets as necessary so that from a simple console you can graphically see the evolution of all the data over time.

Reporte Marketing

Google DataStudio | Marketing Report
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Reporte Demográfico

Google DataStudio | Demographic Report
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Reporte AdWords

Google DataStudio | AdWords Campaign Report
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Reporte YouTube

Google DataStudio | Reporte YouTube
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