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Avada 5.0 has an awesome ring to it, and it has been ringing in our ears for quite some time. This update includes an incredible list of new features that are not just features, they aim at making your life easier. And that is something we are extremely excited about. Avada 5.0 is a very special update packed with several new features and improvements that make it the most historical update in our history of updates.

Avada 5.0

This historical update contains many new features and improvements. We take our customer relations very serious and constantly get new feedback on various aspects of the theme.

Each and every portion of feedback that comes into us is tracked and organized and plays a big part in what we release with each update. Avada 5.0 is the culmination of many things.

Ultimately usability of a product is of the highest importance. Avada 4.0 brought us the new Fusion Theme Options Panel with a user interface that our customers love and saves a lot of time while building a site. That is what we consider a major usability enhancement, and we strive to continue making similar enhancements with each update.

We are excited, thrilled and blessed to bring you Avada 5.0. Below are the highlights of this update, but they are only a glimpse into what Avada 5.0 really includes.

           1. Fushion Builder
           2. Fushion Core
           3. Avada Demo´s Premium & PlugIn Offloading
           4. Envato Token registration for auto updates & demo offloading
           5. New Visibility System for all Fusion Builder Elements
           6. Advanced Option Network correlation
           7. Save | Manage | Import | Export custom Color Schemes
           8. New Professionally designed Demos to Import
           9. Additional Features, Improvements and Enhacements
          10. Avada 5.0 Release Date & Beta Testing
          11. Conclusion
Avada WordPress Theme | Fusion Builder

The new Fusion Builder

This incredible update contains many new features and improvements. But high above anything else sits the brand new Fusion Builder.

Over the years we have had several feature, functionality and improvement requests for Fusion Builder from our 240,000+ user base.

To make Fusion Builder into the page builder that everyone requests, and the codebase our team envisions, required us to build it brand new from the ground up. This was a decision made back in 2015 and has been worked on by a portion of our team for a long time, and now the entire team is focusing on it to ensure it is ready for our next major update, Avada 5.0.

The new Fushion Builder will change your outlook on a page builder can do.

In fact, the new Fusion Builder has so much to talk about that it needed it’s own post to show off all the bells and whistles. Check out all the details of the new Fusion Builder below.

Avada WordPress Theme | Fusion Core

Fusion Core CodeBase Clean Up

Fusion Core is our companion plugin that runs with Avada. A huge portion of Fusion Core was the Fusion Builder. However, in Avada 5.0 the new Fusion Builder has been separated out into its own individual plugin as it should be.

This has allowed us to extensively clean up our Fusion Core plugin codebase. A lot of code has been removed from it making it light weight. While Fusion Core still holds features of Avada like the Fusion Slider and more, it will continue to change as our ambitious plans continue for 2016. These plans are exciting and will continue to make Avada more and more modular.

Avada WordPress Theme | Demos

Avada Demo´s Premium & PlugIn Offloading

When we add new things to Avada, many factors are taken into account; usability, support, interface, customer feedback and more. As you know, Avada contains the most advanced options system in any theme on the market.

Our options network allows you to build virtually any type of design with one theme.

Demos will continue to be added with each major update. However, each new demo that we add makes the overall Avada zip file larger. The typical hosting company only allows about an 8-10MB file to be uploaded via WP admin.

We often get support requests for this issue because some of our customers cannot install Avada.zip through the WP admin because the zip file is larger than what the hosting company allows. With that being said, it can easily be installed via FTP and our team will help you do that, or you can ask you host to up the file size limit.

However, we aim to please and do everything we can to avoid that scenario. This is why we built a brand new system for “demo and premium plugin offloading” via the new Envato API Token key registration. Everything will look the same once registered (see the next section in regards to new registration process), but behind the scenes, the registration process has changed.

In Avada 5.0, we’ve built a new system based off the new Envato API that allows any demo we create to be installed outside of the theme zip via our own server. So instead of including all the demo content inside the Avada zip file, we keep it on our server. In addition, the two premium plugin we include (Slider Revolution and Layer Slider) will work with this new system.

When you click to install a demo or install/update a plugin, it pulls all the content from our server and installs it on yours. Not only does this bring the size down of the theme zip fie which will help a lot of customers, it is also faster, more efficient and allows for easier future maintenance.

With demo offloading, the Avada zip file has dropped more than 75% in overall size.

To allow demos and plugins to be offloaded requires a token key from the new Envato API, which leads us to the next item.

Avada WordPress Theme | Old Registration

Envato Token registration for auto updates & demo offloading

Currently we offer auto updates which requires a Themeforest username, purchase code and API key. This is what we currently consider “product registration” and it is based off the previous Envato API which involved 3 steps. This was required back before the new Envato API was made and it looked like this:

Recently Envato has updated their API which has very nice improvements. The improvements allow theme authors much easier ways to implement auto updates so we have taken advantage of this and added token registration.

Token registration simply requires one field (not 3) and is much easier to setup. It is based off the new Envato API and allows for a faster, more reliable setup.

To generate a token, you simply have to log into your Themeforest account, click the link we provide you and generate a token key. Then copy and paste the token key into the field and voila, all is done!

Once you have setup your token, you have access to auto updates and demo offloading. Below is how the new registration field via token implementation looks.

One field with one token, takes care of both the demo installation and the auto update. Its a beautiful, simple thing. The only bad news we have is that anyone who previously registered via our old method, now has to re-register via the token method. But we assure you, this is an advancement.

This new token format is easier, more reliable and covers both product registration and demo offloading. In the end, it is for the advancement of the product and easier usability.

Avada WordPress Theme | New Token Registration

We tried many things to circumvent customers having to re-register and worked closely with Envato on this. Unfortunately, the new Envato API does not provide a way to move old registration to the new token format.

What does this mean for those who already setup registration through the old method?

Anyone who updates to Avada 5.0 and has previously registered for auto updates must setup the new token format. You will no longer see the old method, it will only display the new token format. We understand that can be frustrating for those who registered already, however we did our best to avoid it but it was simply not possible and out of our hands.

Avada WordPress Theme | Visibility

New Visibility System for all Fusion Builder Elements

In our current version of Avada, we have some elements (full width containers “now only called Containers”, columns and image frames) that have a “hide on mobile option”. While this is useful, it is incomplete. Avada 5.0 brings a full visibility system that takes everything to the next level.

Every element you can use with Fushion Builder now has “visibility options” that include 3 settings, mobile, tablet and desktop.

This system allows you to control what your viewers see on any screen. For example, on desktop you may have a lot of content to show in tabs, but on tablets and mobile it takes up to much room. You can now select to show the full set of tabs on desktop, and then show shortened versions of them on tablets and mobile.

Below is what you will see for every Fusion Builder element.

EDIT: due to development changes, the options are now called small screen / medium screen / large screen.

As you can see, there are 3 options and each one acts like a toggle. In the above example, this content is set to show on tablets and desktop, but is hidden on mobile.

Every element can be hidden or changed to display exactly how you want it on mobile phones, tablets and desktop. This visibility system opens up incredible possibilities for how you display your content to your viewers.

In addition, we will be adding new breakpoints to determine when mobile and tablets should break(more on that later!). In theory, the possibilities are endless!

Avada WordPress Theme | Option Correlation

Advanced Option Network correlation

This title may not be obvious as to what it means when you first read it, but we are very excited about it!

Avada has the most advanced options system in any theme on the market. It consists of Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder Options. All of these options work together to allow you to build unique, professional sites.

As you know, Fusion Theme Options are global options, meaning they affect every thing throughout your site. However, Fusion Page Options and Fusion Builder Options override the Fusion Theme Options on a per page or per element basis.

This concept we built allows ultimate flexibility in page creation. For example, you may want all your buttons to be square and blue throughout your site, yet one page needs a special button that is round and red to grab the users attention. Our advanced options network allows you to easily to that with globals vs overrides.

However, since the options network consist of globals vs overrides, it’s vital to know what is set for globals. What we’ve done in Avada 5.0 is made it clear what is currently set in the global Fusion Theme Options so you always know when building a page.

This is what we call option correlation and it is built into each description that offers both a theme or page option, or theme and Fusion Builder option. Below is what it looks like.

In the above example we used button size and button span options from Fusion Builder. As you can see in the description, button size is set to Large and button span is set to No. Those are the options that are set globally in Fusion Theme Options, and they link directly to the exact panel in Theme Options in case you want to change them quickly. However the choices made in Fusion Builder are button medium and span yes so they override the Fusion Theme Options.

This small but important change will save you a lot of time and effort, and make option selection even easier.

Previously to figure out what was set globally, you had to navigate away from the page, go to Fusion Theme Options panel, find the right area and change it.

Now in Avada 5.0, the global settings from Fusion Theme Options are displayed in the description of each option. This basic concept is a real advancement in Avada that will help you better understand the options network and save you a lot of time.

Avada WordPress Theme | Custom Schemes

Save | Manage | Import | Export

custom Color Schemes

In Fusion Theme Options there is a general “Color” tab that has pre-defined color skins. Often times customers start off with one but have to change several color settings to get their colors exactly how they want them. All of that is a normal part of building your website.

However currently there is no way to save your own color scheme unless you back up your entire theme options panel.

Avada 5.0 includes a patented system that allows to save, update, delete and import or export your actual color scheme.

The color scheme is basically any color option that is within Fusion Theme Options. Colors play an extremely important role in how your site looks. Being able to fully manage your own custom color schemes is a major step forward in option management.

Check out how this new system works below.

Avada WordPress Theme | Custom Schemes Hover

Each of the 5 buttons (Save, Update, Delete, Import, Export) act as toggles and will bring up a new section to complete the desired action. In this above example, we are saving the current color options as a new scheme.

And custom color scheme shows up as the same icon that represents a custom color combination, but when you hover over the icon it shows you the custom name.

There is no limit to how many custom schemes you can have, and you can import and export so you can share them with friends and clients when needed.The color scheme is basically any color option that is within Fusion Theme Options. Colors play an extremely important role in how your site looks. Being able to fully manage your own custom color schemes is a major step forward in option management.

Check out how this new system works below.

Avada WordPress Theme | Demo Content

New Professionally designed Demos to Import

What’s a new major Avada update without new demos? We must have new demos and Avada 5.0 will not disappoint.

There are several demos that are either finalized, being finalized or in the process of being built. Because of the constant flow of demo work, we cannot guarantee at this point how many will be included in Avada 5.0, however we can assure you that at least 2-3 new demos are coming, and hopefully more.

These demos are like all other demos, professionally made by designers using our advanced options network.

We put a high importance on demos and have a constant flow of them being made because they truly show the power of Avada.

The varying designs we offer and features each one presents shows you what can really be done with the #1 selling theme on the marketplace. In addition, they are so easy to import. We built a custom importer that imports the entire demo for you with just a few clicks.

Using a pre-built demo, which is created by professional designers is an incredible way to get started in building your own site. Import a demo, then simply change out the content.

At the same time, you can easily build your own site from scratch using all the features Avada includes. Avada can be what you want it to be.

Avada WordPress Theme | Additional Characteristics

Additional Features, Improvements and Enhacements

While the above items are considered major new features, there are always additional features packed into major Avada updates.

We’ve started making our entire options network with the same user interface that you see in Fusion Theme Options via Avada 4.0. Although it will not be fully done in 5.0, a lot of it will be.

For example, the new interface you see in Fusion Theme Options is now carried over into the new Fusion Builder options like below.

All Fusion Builder elements that contain child elements, for example Tabs, have an entirley new user interface that is much easier to use. Each child element can now be reorganized into position via drag and drop. For example, if you have a tab element on your page and it contains 3 different tab sections, you can now easily drag and drop all 3 into your desired order.

Avada WordPress Theme | Fusion Builder Child Element

And each child element is custom named based off the content you enter, so it’s very easy to know which child element it is. This new feature applies to any element that offers child items (tabs, content boxes, toggles, checklist, counter circles & boxes, etc.)

This alone is a major time saver and quality of life improvement while using certain elements in the new Fushion Builder.

Color combination is basically any color option  inside Theme Fushion Options. Colors play a very important role in your website appearance. Being able to completely gestionate your own personalized color schemas y a big step forward in option configuration.

Check out how this new system works.

Additional features that Avada 5.0 includes are…

  • New theme option to set a separate color of the menu text for the sticky header
  • Column spacing is no longer “YES or NO” but can be set with an exact pixel amount
  • New responsive breakpoints to set pixel values for content breaking in responsive modes
  • Popular blog shortcode now has an option for post ordering
  • Portfolio page layouts now have options to display the portfolio title and categories
  • Portfolio text layouts now have options to choose text alignment
  • Portfolio text layouts with boxed mode now have full padding optons
  • Continued and dedicated codebase refactoring

While all these new features are being added, our development team takes our codebase very serious. Each new update contains several areas that have been refactored so the codebase stays clean, organized, optimized and efficient.

These under the hood changes are things that most customers will not notice, yet are highly important to our team because they allow us to more easily add new features, changes and future improvements.

We are dedicated to making the #1 selling theme also the best coded theme on the marketplace.